10 luxury roof decoration ideas

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۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

The ceiling is the fifth wall of the room. However, most of us keep it simple and choose white for it.

Decorating the roof is usually the last thing that comes to mind when renovating a house or a room, but there are actually some great ideas for decorating the roof.

We do not need all of them, but they are a great opportunity to add interest, color and special effect to our home.

10 luxury roof decoration ideas

In this article, we have provided you with 10 great ideas for decorating your home, so stay tuned until the end.

1. Build a colorful road

If you are lucky and live in a property that has architectural details, painting the ceiling in colors other than white can make their features stand out. Or if you are really brave, like this contemporary space in the photo below, you can use the colorful path from ceiling to floor to create a central axis, which creates a symmetry in your living space.

10 luxury roof decoration ideas


2. Use the world of colors for the size of your room!

Some of you enjoy high ceilings. If their height is a little too high, or you want to feel more intimate in your room, choose a dark ceiling color.

White may also create a safe, neutral space on the block, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a safe environment with other colors. Bold and bright choices to decorate the roof of the house can easily increase the focus of the eye in a space with small dimensions. Bring a selection of non-traditional colors to the walls to visually increase the size of your room.



۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

3. Combine wallpaper and colored ceiling and give it a try

Wallpaper is very hot and attractive right now and has a lot of amazing designs, but if you have chosen a crowded wallpaper with a lot of details, you may want to make it a little lighter.

This helps to create a visual balance. It is better to choose one of the colors used in the wallpaper to be used as a contrast in decorating the roof of the house.

For example, if you have chosen one of the latest botanical prints for your walls, you can use green on the ceiling.

In the image below, the black color used on the ceiling creates an extraordinary harmony with the lines used on the wall.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه


4. How about a metal roof?

Nothing gives a different look to a roof than adding metal. Dining rooms are great for this.

Whatever metals you choose, they will give your space a unique glow and brightness. Especially if used in small places such as dining space.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

5. Specify your roof area.

When decorating your home, use your ceiling to define areas in the room. This amazing monochrome space by Australian award-winning designer James Dawson used a ceiling pattern to create a focal point in the kitchen.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه


Even bedroom spaces benefit from highlighting and focusing on one point of the ceiling.

Also, combining this area with some decorative lighting can look great.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

6. Turn off the electricity.

One of the most attractive recent ideas for decorating the roof of the house is the ultra-glossy and reflective surface.

The glossy surface deceives the eye to make the room look bigger, especially with the bright color decor creates a special glow. However, the surface must be perfectly smooth and polished.

If a smooth surface is not possible, a stretch ceiling may be an ideal option. False ceilings cover the existing ceiling and are available in many colors.


۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

7. Use the roof of the plant!

Adding a few living plants to decorate the roof of the house and the decoration of a room can make the space lively and fresh.

Making and hanging wooden frames with overflow plants can take green space to a new level.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

Make an attractive pattern with hanging boxes or just hang plants from metal beams and cover the roof with them.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه


8. Show your art on the ceiling.

False ceilings can be printed with large designs and various images, and gorgeous wallpapers with huge designs can cover the entire space.

You can also use the handicrafts of artists to decorate the roof of the house and ask them to paint your ceiling beautifully.

Depending on the photo or art, the ceiling can be the center of a room. Consider whether art prints with abstract shapes or patterns can work for the modern atmosphere, or whether printing an old map with painted wood is appropriate.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه


9. Paper ceilings are a great option

While no one wants to miss the boring compositions and patterns of the past to decorate the roof of the house, ceiling posters with new designs and models are sold in reputable stores, which are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Ceiling posters are available in various traditional, modern and other designs in the market.

Papirus brand with the highest quality and 5 year color guarantee of its products and more than 5000 designs and models of all kinds of handmade wallpapers, 3D posters, ceiling posters, etc. One of the best in the industry of producing real embossed posters and handmade wallpapers Is in Iran.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه


10. Use outstanding designs.

To decorate the roof of the house, use layered surfaces or three-dimensional elements that are hung from the ceiling or attached to the ceiling.

This may mean ocean-like waves or large sculptural designs that are inseparable. Like layered designs, sculptural ceiling designs as well as architecture allow you to play with light and shadows.

۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه


۱۰ ایده لوکس تزئین سقف خانه

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